Who Am I?

I am the Founder & Managing Director of Altum Intelligence and former Head of Quantitative Research Development for a large multinational bank. I currently live a nomadic lifestyle, travelling the world whilst working with hedge funds and investment institutions doing research and applications in the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning for investment and trading.

Originally Czech by nationality, but born in Germany, I spent most of my life growing up in the UK. My background is a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Southampton's world renowned Electronics & Computer Science department.

In my spare time I jump out of planes, surf waves, climb mountains and generally try to enjoy life to its fullest.

I specialise in the applications of Artificial Intelligence in financial markets, managing quantitative investment opportunities, as well as AI applications in other more novel areas. I also manage a private personal portfolio of angel investments, primarily in exciting start-up companies that are pushing the limits of innovation in the AI space.

Companies I've Invested In

Conferences & Events

// Machine Learning in Quant Finance, London 2018

  • - Attention and LSTM Models for Time Series
  • - NLP for Calls and Reports Analysis using Seq-2-Seq Models
  • - Deploying an AI Strategy Pipeline

// AltCity Startup Sprint, Beirut 2017

  • - Keynote Speaker
  • - Business Mentor

// Deep Learning in Finance Summit, London 2017

  • - Enhancing Investment Insight using Multidimensional Time Series AI Models

// DroneHack Hackathon, UCLan 2015

  • - 1st Prize Winner

// Code First: Girls, London 2014

  • - Teacher & Mentor


// 1000+ Skydives

// Skydiving Coach (BPA & APF)

// Record Holder (UK)


// Surf Instructor (ISA)

// Surf Lifeguard (ILS)

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